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Hospital of the Week

Any destruction of health facilities anywhere hurts everyone. The suffering of one group does not negate the suffering of the other. This conflict is hurting the innocent and most vulnerable population. In order to help those in need in a systematic way, Doctors4Ethiopia will be launching a "hospital of the week" series to address the needs of the most priority hospitals! Let us come together and heal and restore our Ethiopia!

Haik Hospital

Location: Afar Region

Total Population served: 350,000/year

Deliveries: up to 130 deliveries/month

Services: General Triage, Emergency, Maternal & Children health services

Damages: Equipment, Laboratories, Beds, Pharmacies and more

International Partner: Alegria Sin Fronteras

Ethiopia Map.png

Stories from on the ground: 

The Afar region, Where the Dubti General Hospital is located, is one of the most impoverished and affected  regions.

"Sick people, people with burns and gunshot wounds from the conflict do not stop arriving at the Dubti Hospital and the hospital is facing great difficulties in being able to provide proper care."

Dr. Muhammed, CEO of  Dupti General Hospital

"People are running in absolute fear in all directions," said an aid worker in Afar, who asked not to be identified.

"The Afar Pastoralist Development Association, a local aid group, supplied pictures of wounded children in Dubti hospital, including a badly burned boy, whose father told aid workers his two sons aged 9 and 11 had been injured when artillery fire hit their home in the town of Abala on Jan. 15." Source Reuters

International Partner:

Alegria Sin Fronteras

Alegría Sin Fronteras es una ONG sin ánimo de lucro que nace con el fin de llevar la Alegría allí donde es más necesario. Nuestra Misión: Promover el empoderamiento, liderazgo comunitario, equidad de género en  los países más desfavorecidos con el objetivo de permitir la mejora de la calidad de vida de la población.

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