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Health Facilities with Partners

If you are an individual, contact the international partners listed below to support the hospitals directly! You can give money, help with medical supply mobilization and volunteer! 

Dessie Referral Hospital



Dessie Referral Hospital is located in South Wollo and serves up to 10 million patients annually. Due to the current conflict, over 80% of Dessie Referral Hospital has been damaged causing millions to lose access to essential healthcare services. Please help GetFactET restore Dessie!

Dubti General Hospital


Alegria Sin Fronteras

Dubti General Hospital is located in the Afar region and is currently a referral center for over 350,000 people annually with over 130 babies per month. The hospital is inundated with patients. With destruction of beds, medical equipment and medications, it is not able to provide care for groups. As a result numerous mothers and children are dying.

Haik Health Center


WorldCardiac Vision

Haik Health Center in Wollo, Ethiopia has been destroyed due to the conflict. Over 130,000 people are unable to access health services. Women and children are the most affected. “As medical professionals, it is difficult to watch children and mothers suffering due to the lack of resources and facilities to be treated."
- Melsachew Alebel
Head of Tehuldere Woreda Heath Office

Sekota, Weleh, Girana and Buharo Health Centers


The Northern California Ethiopian community

We, the Northern California Ethiopian community, have come together to do our part by taking the responsibility of restoring four health centers in the Northern Wollo region, each supporting 4-5 additional smaller clinics, a task assigned to us by the Health Minister of Ethiopia.

Tenta primary hospital


Healthcare Alliance

Tenta Primary Hospital is a high-burden hospital that serves the people in South Wollo Zone, Tenta, Meqedela, and Delanta towns. Before the violence rendered it inoperable, the hospital served a population > 200,000 people/year and accepts referrals from 15 health facilities.

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