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Health Facility Restoration Plan

According to the most updated Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MOH) assessment, close to 3,000 health facilities, including 46 hospitals, have been destroyed due to the current conflict in Northern Ethiopia. Additional hospitals in active conflict areas, including Tigray, are awaiting official assessment. Most of the damaged hospitals cannot provide any care. As a result, millions of people are needlessly dying of preventable deaths. 

You Can Help! 

We can Heal and Restore our home through a coordinated, organized and collaborative method by focusing on each of the damaged health facilities.  


If you are individual, you can help specific damaged hospitals who have international partners! Click below for a list of hospitals with partners! 


Ethiopians & Friends of Ethiopia, use your networks, use your groups and build a community to support one of the damaged hospitals! Click below for a list of damaged hospitals in need of partners!

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